5 Powerful Ways Gratitude Will Improve Your Life

There's no doubt that one of the quickest ways for us to attract more abundance in our lives is through gratitude. The list of the benefits of gratitude is actually very long but we thought we'd highlight those that are most powerful to help you, the reader, better understand the importance of practicing this virtue daily and being in this energy. 

So, here are 5 Powerful Ways Gratitude Will Improve Your Life:


1. Gratitude Improves Health

It has actually been scientifically proven that people in the state of gratitude have both physically, chemically and emotionally shown signs of increased well-being, happiness and are overall more likely to exercise, take care of themselves than people who don't practice gratitude.

This makes a lot of sense because if we think about it, there's no way we can have negative thoughts and emotions while in a grateful state. Same goes with stress, our bodies cannot be under stress when we feel grateful. The sole energy of gratitude is what boosts positive thoughts and emotions which then attract the same type of thoughts and emotions back making us feel, well, just amazing and in perfect balance!


2. Gratitude Improves Relationships and Communication


People who express gratitude often tend to live in a higher vibrational state which brings mental stability and emotional maturity. They also become more compassionate and spiritually balanced which makes their communication skills great and improves their relationships.

Carrying ourselves with compassion and gratitude guarantees healthier and happier relationships in any aspect of our lives including romantic relationships, friendships, relationships with co-workers, the community, the planet and most importantly, ourselves!


3. Gratitude Increases Self Confidence and Self Love


When we are grateful, we feel surrounded by love. Love is what makes us feel connected, joyful, peaceful, safe, worthy, faithful and confident. One of the most important aspects people need to work on is self love which means not only caring for our health and bodies, but making the right decisions for our overall well being, encouraging ourselves, being supportive, compassionate, patient, tolerant of ourselves, allowing ourselves to do what makes us happy and knowing that we are worthy of love and achieving our biggest goals and dreams.


4. Gratitude Increases Wealth

Everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction. Simply put, this law suggests that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. So if we put out stress, worry, hate, fear or any negativity in general, this is exactly what we'll receive back. This is because the negative thoughts and emotions are based on a negative experience which immediately connects us to the past and makes us relive the same type of past experience causing the same result over and over. This can result in people feeling unhappy, depressed, angry or resentful and even poor or sick.

The same, however, works for positivity. If we put out joy into the universe we will receive things to be joyful for back. If we put out gratitude we will receive things to be grateful for back.

Some people confuse gratitude with having to limit and satisfy ourselves with less. Some even confuse it with humbleness and some don't even know what being humble actually means, thinking that gratitude results in humbleness and humbleness results in having less, and having less results in being a good person.

Well, the truth is that gratitude means attracting even more abundance and wealth including the material, just as well as the spiritual, and emotional wealth. This is how it works…when we express gratitude and are in the energy of gratitude, as we said, we boost confidence, self love, faith etc. which raises our vibration and helps us feel abundant and thus attract even more abundance.

When you think you don't have enough, you will proceed to have less but when you become aware that you have plenty, you will proceed to have even more.


5. Gratitude Boosts Creativity and Promotes Success

If you've ever been stuck or have had a creative block, first off, go ahead and check out our previous blog on How to Unleash Your Creativity and Release Creative Blocks.

Now, some people say they perform best under pressure. While that might be true in some cases due to our survival self of our subconscious mind, too much constant pressure and stress can often cause creative blocks.

Those creative blocks can be annoying and really frustrating which, again, by the Law of Attraction can last a while. Gratitude is one of the ways we can overcome this blocks and get back to our creative flow. That is because the high vibrational state that we achieve through the energy of gratitude is directly connected to the expressive freedom and higher channeling which makes us not only more creative but more in tune with the universe and the abundance of information it offers.



Gratitude is one of the most powerful virtues always resulting in abundance and wealth. Therefore, it is best to practice and express it daily, give thanks and get in tune with it to learn to live in that state as often as possible. While under that energy, we perform the best, we learn to use our full potential and allow ourselves to commit and achieve success in any of our set goals. As many of us have the deep and powerful desire to make a difference, help others, inspire and have a positive impact on the world, it is important to remember that gratitude is key because it keeps our heart pure and our path clear.

With that being said, if you agree with what you just read and see gratitude as an important tool in your life, please go ahead and check out our VIRTU Gratitude bracelet and consider getting one for your self or a loved one.

As it is specifically made with the purpose of reminding you to practice gratitude daily instead of waiting for losses to wake you up and push you to give thanks, we guarantee it will bring value and you'll live a way more abundant and joyful life.