How to Unleash Your Creativity and Release Creative Blocks


When it comes to feeling creatively blocked it can get pretty frustrating, especially if we're naturally a very expressive person and have tons of ideas. When a person is inclined to create, express and wonder, the worst thing it can encounter is a creative short circuit.

In order to get back into that creative flow we first need to understand what caused the block in the first place and why.

So, here is How to Unleash Your Creativity and Release Creative Blocks:

1. Excuses (Procrastination)

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Excuses keep us safe in our comfort zone. They allow us to avoid risk and to make sure not to lose what we already have. They can be very powerful and a person might just go a very long way wanting to prove a point through a great excuse just to remain where they are.

People tend to search and find excuses in pretty much everything; from other people and their environment to their personal current state in life to opportunities available, etc.

This happens when a person's ego doesn't want to lose so it powers through conversations with anger, sarcasm and rudeness doing everything it possibly can to stay in place and continue complaining.

The best way to stop having and relying on excuses is to understand where does this need for survival come from and what is it that actually kickstarts this character – defining habit of procrastination.

This is where fear of failure comes in.

2. Fear of Failure

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Fear of failure is of course one of the big reasons why people procrastinate and make excuses. In their minds, there's nothing worse than failing so they let this fear paralyze them and keep them in a constant loop of crippling emotions such as feeling stuck or stagnant, unhappy and sometimes even depressed.
Failure is nothing but an invented word suggesting the feeling of not meeting a set expectation, whether it's personal or someone else's.

Therefore, being able to stick to a goal or vision but at the same time not feel too attached to expectations results in a very powerful skill – the skill to adapt and persevere.

The most important thing to realize here is that there is no such thing as failure, only a limited number of tries it takes someone to get to the end goal.

To back this up even more, just think about humans and their nature of overcoming difficulties. We are super powerful when it comes to problem solving, so letting this fear block you is like not even giving yourself a chance to use your natural abilities. This is very important to understand as too few people are aware of this and too many people are scared of failing not being aware of the illusion this fear actually projects into their life.

To learn more about fear and how to overcome it, please read our previous blog post – 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Fear.

3. Perfectionism

beautiful green flower representing perfection

First of all, it is important to understand that there's a difference between being a perfectionist and doing things properly.

Doing things properly means, not being lazy in our work or whatever it is we're doing, finishing what we start and making sure that we do our best at that moment no matter the end result.

On the other hand, being a perfectionist stems from the created pressure of performing the best way possible often aiming to meet or even exceed expectations.

Although aiming to perform the best way possible knowing we'd be able to exceed expectations is such a powerful motivational tool, a perfectionist might see this through a completely different lens than some other people.

The perfectionist, as soon as they see an opportunity to give something everything they have to create the best result, they tend to overgive, under-appreciate and undervalue the progress and the process, often resulting in achievements never being good enough. This can create immense stress and even burnout at times. There's no doubt that the perfectionist cares about what it wants to accomplish but caring at times of stress and dissatisfaction can cause a huge block in creativity, leaving the person feeling trapped in their thoughts and powerless in their actions.

The best way for a person to stop being a perfectionist, yet continue caring and being passionate towards achieving their goals and dreams is to exercise gratitude and appreciation every step of the way. By realizing that we're always succeeding through the mere process of learning and growing, we open ourselves up for inner peace and freedom which results in establishing back a pure creative flow.


We are here to create and be creative and to express ourselves in the most unique and authentic ways. Don't let excuses, fear and perfectionism pull you away from enjoying the process and having fun on your life's journey. Be present and be grateful. Learn to have a healthy detachment from results and expectations. This will keep you happy and focused on your path without ever attracting disappointment and the feeling of 'failure'.

The single most valuable thing we can offer to the world is us following and fulfilling our purpose through passion.

In order to do that we have to use our creativity as it plays a big role in this game of life. The more people follow their passion and express their true selves, show their authenticity and their true potential, the more they inspire others and change the world.

So, to do our part, we'd really like to help you out to unleash your creativity by releasing the creative blocks you might have and the frustration that comes with it.

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