What is Project Kindness?

How does VIRTU help these organizations?

How can I get involved?

How much money does VIRTU donate to these organizations?

What else can I do to give back and get involved in your projects??


I would love to become a brand ambassador for VIRTU, how do I apply?

What is a VIRTU brand ambassador?


How do I know which size VIRTU bracelet to get?

What material are the VIRTU bracelets made of?

How should I take care of my VIRTU bracelet?

What does the pattern on the VIRTU bracelet represent?

Are the crystals on the VIRTU bracelet real?

Will you be offering other products in the future?


How will I know if you received my order?

How do I cancel my order?

Late or missing order?

I received a wrong size bracelet, do I have to pay for the exchange?


Where do you ship from?

Which countries do you ship to?

I entered an incorrect email address, what do I do?

When will I get my order?

What's the cost of shipping?

Will I be charged a customs fee?